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Our charity organization Blickwinkel Afrika e.V. means 'African Angle of View' in German. We are a registered non-profit organization which works to give children and adolescents access to educational offerings, especially female teenagers living in Northern Malawi.

We want to achieve a lot - together with You. Discover who we are and what we do at Blickwinkel Afrika! Founded in 2002, our organization originally supported projects in Ghana and Namibia. 

Since 2009, we work closely together with father John Benjamin Moyo, a catholic priest who knows the schools supported by us personally. He even participated in building some of those schools himself. Our non-profit organization closed a gap so that girls in Northern Malawi are given a fair chance for better perspectives by an improved access to educational facilities. 

Support our mission to help girls in need to make a decent living in Northern Malawi!

How We Help

All projects supported by us aim to further develop educational chances for children and adolescents in Northern Malawi. Which project is selected does not depend on its size but rather on its usefulness and necessity.

Our Projects

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Please contact us if you have ideas or propopals about how you want to get involved or if you would like to know more about our organization and our work. We appreciate your interest.

Blickwinkel Afrika e.V.
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