Ein Beispielwie die Stipendiatinnen sich engagieren

Im Rahmen des Stipendienprogramms müssen sich die Stipendiatinnen in der Umgebungs Kaseyes engagieren. Hier lesen Sie einen Bericht dieser Arbeit:

Visit to Gogo Miness Mlenga

As one of the social responsibilities of students, supported by the German bursary at Kaseye Girls Secondary School, students organized a charity visit to cheer an elder woman by the name of Gogo Miness Mlenga on Saturday 27th January 2017.

The journey started around 7:45am from Kaseye computer laboratory room premises going to chinunkha trading centre where Gogo Miness Mlenga lives. About 30 students took part in the journey to cheer the elderly woman

Around 8:10am, the students accompanied by One teacher and the Matron arrived at the residence, who lives in a small house all by herself, Gogo Miness Mlenga who hardly speaks any other language apart from the native Lambya , welcomed the students with her warm hands.

Upon arrival at the house, the students outlined the reasons for their visit. The students helped her in house chores, for example they washed plates, mopped the house and surroundings. Some slashed the bushy surroundings.

The students also donated assorted items which they raised through their own personal money. The item donated includes 2 packets of sugar, MO washing powder, Bread, Soap tablets and may more. They also provided money amounting to K5000 to support in other activities at her home like maize milling.

Gogo Mines Mlenga who hardly remembers her age, thanked the students for cheering her and the timely donations of the assorted items.