Neuigkeiten von Itike - einer Kollegestipendiatin

I Am Itike Mkandawire a girl aged 18 years pursuing bachelors of Education Physics at University of Malawi- Chancellor College in Zomba the former capital city of Malawi.I come from Nthalire- Chitipa district and it takes me 3 days from home to school on public transport.
I attend my class as follows: 15 credit hour per week each course, three hour per week and one hour for every period. I also attend laboratory sessions once a week, biology three hours, physics and chemistry two hours  as well as tutorials for physics , chemistry and mathematics .
·         I do self-boarding I do the cooking alone. I live outside campus and it takes me seventeen minutes from where I stay to a college. 
·         The first and second semester have been a challenge to me in terms of my studies as well as accessing notes from the lectures due to lack of  personal computer and  any announce mate even replying to the mails since school computers are at  high demand. However the challenge is over since the brick winkle Africa bought me a computer which I really appreciate because it will definitely ease my work.
My interests at college are as following: reading books, jogging, and working with friend in groups academically, spiritually and physically. Am a young Christian student (YCS) member, we meet each and every Wednesday in the evening to share Gods words, social values and how to succeed in college, I always enjoy the group dynamics.
After my first degree I would like to study major in medicine or land surveying.
In my life I would like to be a person of positive impacts on the lives of people especially the young one. My main is inspire them to know more about the importance of education and social values. I would like to do thisby forming a group or joining the already existing groups which are working with the youth for their better future.
 Currently I don’t have pictures that am in class since I am at home for holidays; However, I will send you two that I am dressed in a laboratory coat outside the laboratory.  When I get to school I will send you some more pictures as requested.
So far am happy with my progress at school most of my grades are above credits and I promise to continue working hard since I know that by doing so am building my better future.
Finally I would like to express my sincere appreciation to blick winkel Africa and all people of good will for the great support am getting  for my education am not taking this for granted, people are sacrificing for my sake. In particular I would like to thank you Daniel, Sister Phiri and Fr Moyo for all the efforts you are making to support me and other girls in our education.  For this reason I will work very hard not to disappoint all people of good will. This inspires me to help other people in future.