In Malawi, a country situated in South East Africa, a great new school exists near the small town of Chitipa. The Kaseye Girls Secondary School is run as a boarding school exclusively for girls. The teachers are well trained and very committed and the students' exam results are excellent. With admirable self-initiative, an exemplary school was created here. Why should you get involved here?

The answer is, because the school is doing so well! 

The idea of our organization is to support girls with scholarships because they cannot afford the school fees themselves. This allows them to access the educational offerings provided by this great school. In return, the scholarship holders undertake to assume responsibility not only for their own academic progress but also for their society: They regularly inform us about their school development, work out ideas for the development of their school and the village of Chitipa and contribute to the realisation of these ideas.

Investment in infrastructure

Successful living and learning is only possible in a good atmosphere and with good equipment. Therefore, the construction, the refurbishment or renovation of school buildings is one of our organization's goals. Apart from the scholarship programme, we're also able to make regular investments in the infrastructure of the schools in Northern Malawi. From office buildings, classrooms and bathrooms to teacher's houses, there is always a need for investment at schools in Northern Malawi because the buildings are either in need of renovation or do not even exist yet. But school materials such as books, scientific tools and library equipment are also part of the investment requirements.

Organizational work around Ibbenbüren

The active members of Blickwinkel Afrika meet once a month to discuss the current progresses and projects. Twice a year, the active members get together for congregation days/weekends. Passive members and sponsors are invited once a year to our general assembly. As an regular annual event, the charity beach party at lake Aa in Ibbenbüren is very well established. One focus is our cooperation with schools in the area around Ibbenbüren. Throughout the year further activities of the association take place, e.g. information evenings, charity concerts, Christmas markets.