Beach Party 2018 - A Review with thanks

Once again, live music and the good weather made the party a full success. The Leeden Zwo band took care of the musical entertainment during the evening and with their extensive list of songs they attracted many guests to the dancefloor.

A great thanks for our big success goes to our helping hands, and, of course, to our guests. A big thank you also for the RST entertainment company which made their P.A. equipment available to us for free, the Leeden Zwo band who performed on stage for free, the beach bar where we can organize this party year after year and which has supported us with a donation of 500 Euros and thank you to their staff who did not accept any tips that evening.

At this point, let us say thank you to all our guests one more time! We were able to collect 400 Euros of donations during that evening which will go directly into our Malawi projects.