A great success despite the rain

At our organization's beach party the band "49 Rock Project" proved that you can be in a good mood despite the bad weather. This way, they managed to animate the initially somewhat reserved guests to celebrate. With DJ Case and hot beats the party went on until 1 o'clock at night, and with his last track he lured all guests to the dance floor.

Despite the rain, the celebration was a complete success for the organization. Like the last years, we owe this of course to all helping hands and guests. A big thank you also goes to RST entertainment company which made their P.A. equipment available to us for free, the 49 Rock Project and DJ Case who performed on stage for free, the beach bar where we can organize this party year after year and which has supported us with a donation of 600 Euros and also thank you to their staff who did not accept any tips that evening.

At this point, let us say thank you to all our guests one more time! Although the number of visitors did not reach the level of last year by far, a donation sum of more than 300 Euros came together.

We can finally conclude that we are already looking forward to next year's event because no matter what the weather will be, the party will be great again :)