We are...

...Kristin, Petra, Philipp, Martina, Daniel, Claudia, Steffi, Tim and Inga (from left to right), plus Hanna, who is missing on this photo. What unites us is our shared interest in REACHING A LOT in Chitipa and Nthalire. Apart from this, we are good friends having a great time during our meetings and while organizing our numerous events. We come together once a month on Fridays to discuss issues at our open round table. We hold our meetings privately at home, each time at a different place of one of our members. Nevertheless, interested non-members are invited to join in spontaneously. We especially encourage young people to contact us if they are making up their minds about travelling to Africa should they need a contact person. But we also invite other people to join us in order to be successful in further developing educational chances in Nortern Malawi.

Our Philosophy

Begging and helping lead to dependencies and can be obstacles to the development. The Northern world can't help develop Africa by helping alone. Just like everyone and every society, Africa can only further develop by making efforts on its own. What all Africans are able to achieve by themselves is the key factor, not what Northern societies contribute to this. The self-initiative of all Africans cannot be replaced by anything else. What is needed are friends who encourage their self-initiative rather than helping hands from outside. As friends we trust in them to start their desired form of self-development.

Such a cooperation among friends means:
  • Engagement practiced in small and independently organized groups, close contacts, transparency and direct implementation, no gifts but cooperation, dignity and friendship instead of poverty and hunger.

Education shall have priority over the other goals of this cooperation. Education makes it possible for young people to shape their lives and their own development independently. If we create access to educational offerings, for young women in particular, we can reach a vital prerequisite for a sustainable development in Africa.

Our best man: Fr. John Moyo

My desire, your desire, our desire, our desire is to praise the Lord...!“ These and other words are frequently heard when Fr. John B. Moyo talks to his community. Of all other things, he likes singing very much. But it's not only his singing that makes him a character of his own. To us and to many others, he is well known to be a reliable partner in all aspects of cooperation. Father John founded the Kaseye Secondary Boarding School in 2007 which we continue to support since 2009 with our scholarship programme. This makes him our most important partner in Malawi. Since his relocation from Chitipa to Nthalire, John does not often have a chance to visit the school he loves so much. For us, this means that we now work closely together with the school's director, Mr. John Island Mtambo, who is available to us as an equally reliable contact person. However, John continues to be an important contact and advising person.

ID details

Name: Fr. John Benjamin Moyo
Date of Birth: 03/12/57
Place of Birth: Katete Parish, Mzimba District, Malawi, Africa
Parents: Andrea Moyo and Dalia Banda
Family: 4 sisters and 5 brothers (9 in total)
Hobbies: Singing and dancing, watching football, Darts, helping at construction sites, talking to people
My idol: Father Jospeh Dresselhaus
German missionary of the „White Fathers”
My motto: Where God has placed his hands nobody can remove them.

Career Profile

Mzimba Secondary School
Diploma in theology at Malawi University
Advanced Theology diploma in the pastorial domain at Gaba
Pastoral Institute in Kenya
Grant of certificate as an instructor for presbyterate candidates in Rhode Island (U.S.A.)
Priest appointment on 11/08/1985

Places where he worked as a priest:
1985-1990 St. Mary’s community in Karonga
1991-1992 Holy Cross community in Nkhamenya
1993-2001 Director of the Diocese Education Center for pastors
2001- 2011 St. Michael’s community in Chitipa
and additionally, since 2011: director of the educational department of Karonga diocese
From 2011 until today: St. Ignatius of Loyola community in Nthalire